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TYPE III (Hardcoat) Aluminum Anodizing

When abrasion resistance is critical

Hard anodizing, also known as Hardcoat or Type III anodizing, is a variation of the conventional anodizing process that yields highly wear-resistant coatings.

Qualities of Hardcoat Anodizing:

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance and dielectric properties
  • Acts as an excellent base coat for painting
  • Typically specified when abrasion resistance is critical
  • Generally a darker coating than conventional anodizing
  • Can be dyed black; does not offer the "bright" coloring options available with conventional anodizing
  • Thickness is typically 25 - 50 µm (.001 - .002") with 1/2 of the thickness as buildup or “growth” per surface
  • Can be Teflon™ impregnated

What Makes Val-Kro Hardcoat Finish Superior

Val-Kro has a true Hardcoat chilling process that uses an advanced temperature control system. This results in a more consistent coating in terms of finish, thickness, and hardness, both part-to-part and lot-to-lot. Many of our customers have said that our Hardcoat finish is far superior to other suppliers. Testing by Taber® Industries has confirmed this. (We can provide confirming test data and provide samples so you can judge for yourself.) Don't accept subpar Hardcoat – spec Val-Kro.