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A polishing process designed to reduce wear and increase product durability

Superfinishing provides a unique and consistent finish on the OD of a part. It’s ideal for applications that require an improved surface finish and a good bearing surface. Val-Kro has successfully used this process where product failure and warranty issues were a customer concern. Our background in metal-to-metal and metal-to-polymer interaction and expertise in improving mating surfaces through Superfinishing has reduced component wear and increased product durability.

Most engineers use RA (Roughness Average) values to specify surface finish. But Val-Kro has developed the ability to create properties that are much more sensitive to surface needs. Our unique “Superfinishes” create better bearing areas, which, in turn, improve application break-in and ultimately reduce material losses. (Oil retaining values can also be better controlled.)

Measurement Terminology

Roughness average
The vertical height between the highest and lowest points of the profile within the evaluation length.
Height of the highest point above the mean line within the sampling area.
Describes the height of the peaks above the main bearing surface. A low RPK would indicate a desired surface without aggressive peaks to penetrate the supporting oil film. (break in conditions!)
The depth of the roughness core profile, the "run" surface.
The depth of the valleys beneath the main bearing surface. The lowest part of the roughness that has function of retaining lubrication.